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Why You Should Buy Only Genuine Cowhide Rugs

When the decision has been made to purchase some beautiful cowhide rugs for your home, you may wonder about whether you should invest in genuine cowhides or simply buy imitations designed to look like cowhides at first glance until they are further scrutinized. Before making the mistake of purchasing a cheap fake, consider the following differences between authentic cowhides and synthetic imitations.


Similar to the difference between genuine and costume jewelry, imitation cowhide may at first appear similar to the real article, but upon further inspection, authentic cowhide rugs completely surpass fake rugs in every way. When viewed alongside each other, no one could possibly argue that imitation cowhide rugs looks as good as genuine cowhides. The hair of authentic cowhide is softer and more luxurious. It also has a plush, silky feeling with which imitations simply cannot compete. The appearance of a genuine cowhide rug is also more robust, and the finishing shine of the rug’s surface more brilliant than even the cleverest imitation. For this reason, you are sure to sacrifice appearance if you choose an imitation.


It is also essential to remember that genuine cowhide is a hair-on-hide animal skin, meaning its durability is exceptional. Naturally, you want items you plan to use in your home to offer great longevity, and fake cowhide is typically made from various plastics and course materials. The latter have little or no hope of holding up under normal wear and tear. For this reason, fake cowhide quickly disintegrates after only a few years, whilst genuine cowhide rugs are virtually impossible to wear out.


If you have ever touched the skin of a real cowhide, you would have certainly noticed the soft, fine fur for which it is famous. This texture creates a warm and inviting feeling and is the reason cowhide rugs add a welcoming ambiance to a home. Fake cowhide, on the other hand, may at first feel soft and supple, but because it is not a genuine hair-on-hide surface, it quickly deteriorates. Shortly after imitation cowhide rugs are walked on or used as coverings for furniture, they begin losing their fur and quickly wear out. Patchy spots then occur, causing a very unattractive pattern on the surface of the rug. Genuine cowhide rugs, however, keep their soft, sumptuous texture decade after decade, and the surface remains smooth and supple.

Variety of Colour

It is true that when you buy imitation cowhide rugs, there are many colours available from which to choose. Unfortunately, you are also purchasing a mass-produced copy that may be found in 100 other homes. However, when you make the wise decision to invest your money in genuine cowhide rugs, you can rest assured that no one else in the world has an exact duplicate of those you select, as no two genuine cows skins are exactly alike. Rather, you have the same broad range of colours and patterns from which to choose, but whichever rugs you eventually select, you know they are completely unique from other rugs on the market.

With the broad range of colours, styles and sizes we offer, you are guaranteed to find a genuine cowhide rug that will be a wonderful addition to your home. Invest in several genuine cowhide rugs and enjoy the look and feel of true luxury in your dwelling for many years to come. Click here for more information.

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