Heating and Cooling

What’s Wrong with Your Boiler

A boiler is a simple and thus reliable form of heating your house. The boiler boils water. The water is then piped throughout your house and radiates its heat into your house. The cooled water completes a circuit back to the boiler where it is reheated. If something is going wrong with your boiler, you might find that your home is not being heated adequately. That can be addressed by professionals but you need to call them.

Determining the Problem

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the problem with boilers in Lymington. They can malfunction in different ways.

  • Debris is a common problem. Debris builds up in the pipes and will inhibit the flow of water. Power flushing can flush out most kinds of debris.
  • Dirty burners can be a problem as well. If some of the burners are clogged, they might not be emitting the proper heat.
  • Sometimes the pipes coming into the boiler are the problem and need to be adjusted.
  • If your hot water is not at an adequate pressure, you could have a boiler problem.

Hot Water Heater

In some cases, you might have a hot water heater attached to your boiler. That allows you to centralise the task of heating water in your house. It also makes it more likely that a boiler problem will result in multiple problems. The best way to deal with that is to call a professional if you have problems with your heating or your hot water delivery throughout your house.


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