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What Kind of Material Should You Use for Your New Roof?

Are you getting ready to have a new roof installed on your home, but you’re not entirely sure what kind of material you should go with? Well, you stopped in the right place to learn about some of the different roofing materials you can choose from.

Metal Roofing

This type of roofing material is built to withstand just about anything. Metal roofs are not only impact-resistant, but they also act as an extra layer of insulation, which makes them a bit more energy-efficient than other materials.

Slate Roofing

This type of roofing material is made to last the test of time. Slate roofing can last between 75-100 years, so you most likely won’t have to worry about replacing it again in your lifetime. If you’re thinking about using slate, make sure you hire a company that specialises in expert new roofs in Reading.

Solar Glass

Unbelievably underrated, solar glass is what you want if you’re looking for the most energy-efficient option. Check out these other benefits of this remarkable material:

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Depending on where you live you can receive a tax credit for installing solar glass.
  • And instead of saving energy, this material creates its own energy.

Getting a new roof installed on your home is a huge decision, so getting the perfect material is a pretty big deal. If you’re still confused about which material you should use, you can always talk to your contractors to see what they would recommend.


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