What Can You Do If You Have a Blocked Drain in Your Home

Most people tend to ignore the initial warning signs of a blocked drain pipe, but this is really never a wise idea. The truth is that even a partially blocked drain can quickly become fully blocked and cause other problems. In fact, blocked drains can even become a serious health hazard if they are neglected for too long.

Recognising the Warning Signs

So, how would you know if you need to contact experienced blocked drains services in Torquay? Here are some signs and symptoms that you should never ignore:

  • Noises: Have you noticed that your sink drain is making gurgling noises as the water drains away? This is the first sign that there is a partial blockage in the pipe. The problem is that food debris and soap scum tends to build up in pipes like this and forms an obstruction. In bathrooms, it is typically lost hair and soap that obstructs drains and causes these tell-tale noises.
  • Smell: If your drains are smelling a little foul, it could well be a sign that they are blocking up. This is especially noticeable in kitchen sinks where rotting food can get stuck around a blockage and cause even more issues.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Call an Expert

The biggest problem is that if you leave your blocked drains for too long, your water will not drain away at all. In the case of toilets, this can become a serious health hazard if the waste water and organic waste makes it back up the pipes and enters the home. The lesson is this: call an expert if you notice any of the warning signs!



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