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What Are You Scaffolding Needs?

To make sure a construction site is safer, scaffolding must be erected. Workers who have to work at heights need this type of access to safely do their work. Scaffolding is provided at construction or renovation sites and is constructed for a large range of clients, generally when higher floors of the building’s exterior need to be safely accessed over a period of time.

Determining the Cost

The price you pay for scaffolding is primarily based on the following:

  • The budget
  • Access
  • Location
  • The amount of time the scaffolding will be used
  • The type of work

Types of Scaffolds

Kent scaffolding erectors and hirers can erect a large range of scaffolds. Therefore, scaffolding can be built in accordance to a customer’s needs and preferences. Following are some of the scaffolding that is supplied:

  • Steel scaffolding is made with steel tubing and is set jointly by couplers or fittings. This basic scaffolding is simple to erect and dismantle. Because it is made of steel, the scaffolding is both robust and offers superior fire resistance as well. While it may be more expensive, it does offer a greater measure of safety.
  • Suspended scaffolding is designed for workers who make repairs or for employees in the painting trade. This scaffolding usually features wire ropes or chains. The platform used by workers is suspended from the roof so that workers can raise or lower the scaffolding to the preferred height.
  • Scaffolding for bricklayers features a single scaffold design. The scaffolding has standards, ledgers, and putlogs, all of which are positioned at certain distances.

As you can see, you can choose from one of various scaffolds. Make an informed decision by going online and reviewing the featured offerings.


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