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Tips & Techniques for Effective Tree Pruning

Of all the many gardening maintenance tasks, pruning the trees is probably the most challenging, and aside from knowing how to carry our trimming and pruning, it almost always involves working above ground. In order to fully understand what is required, one should realise that pruning trees is done for one of three reasons, which are as follows:

  1. Health – Sometimes it is necessary to remove diseased or dead branches from a tree to promote better health. The canopy of a tree might be too thick, which restricts airflow and can cause branched to rub against each other.
  2. Safety – A dead or split branch can break off at any time, and a heavy piece of timber could cause fatal injuries if it hit a person. Rather than taking that chance, it is much safer to either remove the affected branches yourself, or call in a tree arborist in Perth, who can safely carry out the work.
  3. Aesthetics – Pruning a tree might be for cosmetic reasons, as some larger trees grow to a point where they look clumsy and out of sync with the rest of the garden. When choosing trees to plant in your garden, you should research which species are most suited for your environment, and planting a tree in the wrong place could cause you problems in the future.

Prune in The Winter Months

The ideal time for tree pruning is in the winter, when the tree is in a dormant state, as this causes the trees less stress. Of course, if the tree poses a threat, then it doesn’t matter about the season, and the best way to deal with a dangerous tree is to call in the experts.

Plan Before Implementation

It is not wise to go rushing in with your cutters snipping away, as before you know it, you might have stripped away too much vegetation. Take a good look at the tree from a distance and take note of two or three branches to remove, then carry out the pruning and afterwards, step back and take another look. It is always best to adopt a careful approach when trimming trees, and not enough can be remedied, whereas too much cannot.

Maintain a Good Crown

There should always be at least two thirds of the tree crown present, and removing more than that could cause the tree to suffer. If you are unsure about crown thinning, talk to your local tree surgeon, who would be happy to pop round and give you his professional opinion, and if it is a large tree, why not let him deal with it.

There are online resources complete with diagrams that can help you to master the trimming and pruning techniques, and you will also need the right equipment, which is essential for the pruning to be successful, and should you not have the right equipment, your local arborist will be happy to carry out the work.

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