Stopping the Flow of Money Down the Drain

Plumbing is one of those things that no one really thinks about until something goes wrong; however, there is a whole lot more that a plumber can do than just fix a problem. In fact, most of what a plumber should be doing is preventative. Still, having a plumber on speed dial who takes care of the emergencies too is always a good idea.

Preventative Tasks

Preventative tasks are the type of plumbing services that are actually most important, though they may not seem as important at the time. After all, most people don’t think about plumbers doing some of these tasks. Not everyone hires a professional to do them. But the best plumbers in Plymouth can make sure that all of these tasks (and more) are done properly. They may do things such as:

  • Installation and maintenance of piping systems including water mains and storm drains
  • Installation and maintenance of plumbing fixtures
  • Installation and maintenance of showers, toilets, water heaters, dishwashers, and bathtubs
  • Installation and maintenance of heating and cooling pipe systems
  • Welding, soldering, and attaching fittings
  • Cleaning drains in waste or sewage pipes

Emergency Tasks

When it comes to emergencies, everyone thinks of getting a professional. Unfortunately, that’s when the problem is already quite large and quite serious. Each of these tasks is performed by plumbers every day. Fortunately, getting the preventative work done early can stop these major emergencies from even happening. Still, any of these problems can be helped by an emergency plumber:

  • Repairing burst pipes, broken water heaters, leaks, and overflowing toilets
  • Turning off gas lines during leaks
  • Clearing sewer line blockages
  • Removing clogs in kitchen and bathroom drains
  • Thawing frozen pipes

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