Repair and Maintinance

Restoring Versus Replacing: How Roofing Companies Perform Comprehensive Services

Before you invest in any major roof work, you need to consider your exact needs and have a professional roofing company assess your situation.

With a free inspection and quote, you can determine whether or not your roof needs to be completely replaced, or if you can get by with an extensive roof restoration. Roof restoration is a way to extend the life of your roof by restoring it to its original condition without needing to invest in a complete roof replacement.

Maintaining Your Roof and Avoiding Replacements

You can avoid the costliness of a roof replacement, partly because you may not need it in the first place.

Roofing companies may suggest a full or partial roof replacement, but the truth is that many issues may be solved with a few repairs and refurbishments, as well as additional cleaning and preventative care.

Part of this, however, begins with roof maintenance early on, and if you have recently installed a roof or even if your current roof is still in decent condition, taking necessary maintenance measures will most likely extend the life of your roof and offer better protection in the long run.

How You Can Benefit from Restoration

Roof cleaning in Perth is an important preventative step to ensuring the longevity of your roof as a whole. The buildup of dirt, leaves, and other substances on your roof, especially after they have become wet, can damage roofing materials and foster even more buildup.

Restoring your roof is an overall cost-effective solution that not only protects your roof and prevents future repairs, but also gives you significantly more time before a roof replacement is actually necessary.

Before cleaning, roof restoration services typically begin with a comprehensive survey of the condition of your roof and ensures that all areas are in good condition before moving on.

Selective Roof Repairs

Roof restoration begins with repairing only the areas of your roof that need attention. Severely broken or worn tiles are replaced with matching pieces, and roofing experts search for and repair any roof leaks as well, ensuring the security of your roof before tending to its surface.

Afterward, roofers proceed with a high-pressure wash of the surface of your roof to essentially remove everything except the roof itself.

Roof Sealant

Professional-grade roof sealant acts as a shield for your roof and roofing materials, protecting your roof in the same way that your roof protects you. Roofing companies have access to high-quality sealants, which they incorporate into their extensive roof restoration services.

While replacing your roof may be necessary on occasion, determine whether or not it’s the right choice, and consider how repairing, cleaning, and sealing your roof adds another 10 to 20 years of life into it.

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