Home Renovation


Renovation could be a very simple process but at the same time could be disaster to certain homeowner. The most important part to start a renovation is to plan your renovation wisely before you start them; there are few aspects to thinking off before you plan a renovation.

Do some homework:

Get to know what is the status and condition of your house, do your house have renovate before, why you need to renovate your house etc.

Get some opinion from neighbor who have renovation experience before and ask them for recommended contractor.


Make a tour to some showroom to check out the material such as tiles, wooden flooring, windows and doors, check not only for the design, but durability and quality as well so you can make a smarter choice. For example, you may consider using some anti-slippery tiles for your bathroom and kitchen to ensure safety of your family members.

Plan your renovation:

Work on a scale drawing for the room that needs to be renovate, or easier, get an interior designer to help you on that.  Try to ask question such as extension permits or what to do and what try to not for your renovation. Get to know some expert knowledge and opinion before you start renovate might help you save much for mistake and scammed.

Try to have some reserve cash for your renovation. Get few quotation form trusted contractor, try to explain as details as you could, and add a 10 to 20% as research cash for unforeseen cost for your renovation.

Permits from Local Authority and Financial Status:

In case you need to renovate your house but you haven’t saved enough budget for this, there were few move that you could make such as borrow from your friend, credit cards, personal loan, mortgage extensions.

Beside financial, you will also need to submit your renovation plan to local authority to get pass the building codes. You might consider having few times of modification in plan if you are planning for extension of your house.

During Renovation:

Consider to move away temporary

If you or your family members have lung issue such as asthma, you should consider moving out temporary. Or at least, make sure you could separate a comfort zone at which the dust could not reach during a renovation. You could make this by hanging up a polyethylene sheeting to cover up the renovation site.

Get ready for the renovation site

Moved all item such as furniture, clock, electrical appliances away from the renovation site. In case you have heavy or static fitting or furniture, cover them and make sure them free from dust during the renovation period.

Oversee the renovation progress

It is vital for you to keep track of the progress of the renovation work. If you have any question or found any issue for your renovation, tell or ask the contractor about it and discuss the details with them. In many cases, homeowner might want to make changes to the renovation project.  For example, you may want to place your water tank to a higher ground to ensure large water pressure, discuss your plan with the contractor and work out with a solution, make changes to your renovation contract with details such as extended renovation period and extra charges in work and material.

Post Renovation

After the renovation is complete, ensure the work has been work out according to the contract. Then, make sure there is no issue such as leaking pipe or electrical cutout in few weeks period before you release the final payment.

Project Management / Supervision

Concerned about the progress of the renovation? Find some field specialist to help you on managing your renovation project. An Independent parties that apart from the contractor, this expert could help to check your contract before you and your contractor start renovation work, manage and oversee the renovation project, report the progress and guide you in making renovation related decision when you need to change your renovation plan.

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