Wooden furniture is popular for its durability not just at home but also in offices and institutions. Most of us prefer wooden furniture because of its classy look and beauty. While for parents, on the other hand, choose it more than iron made furniture because wood does not conduct electricity thus making it safe for children.

Wooden furniture is also light-weight compared with the others. Hence, it keeps your sophisticated floor safe from damages. Another thing is that, wooden furniture is cheaper than iron and steel products. So if you are planning to buy things for your home but you are mindful about your budget, then you must go for wooden furniture. It will not just help you save money it also adds beauty for wooden furniture is never out of style.


So taking good care of wooden furniture is not as tough as we all know. However, we have to follow some basic steps on how to clean and maintain it so that they can used for a longer period of time.

1. Use proper cleaners and polish. Make sure that you already have determined the right type of the finish on your wooden furniture. In this way, it may be easier for you to be able to select the correct cleaner. If you already have the proper cleaner and polish, you may now try it, but before applying it to your wooden furniture you should first read the instruction on how to properly use it. Many people are using cleaners without knowing how. They just use it without being aware of the right procedures that might cause further damage because of ones carelessness.

2. Keep wooden furniture out of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to your wooden furniture. Natural color of the furniture may also fade.

3. Avoid liquid spills. Liquid spills may cause damage to your wooden furniture. Whenever there is a spill occurs on the wooden furniture, be sure to clean it up right away. Leaving a spill to a wooden surface can result in a spot that would be difficult to remove. Worst is, some stains would leave permanent marks. That is why the use of tablecloths and placemats are necessary to avoid such stains. Placing hot dishes on top of the wooden furniture should be avoided as well.

4. Regular cleaning is very important to maintain the beauty and the classy look of your wooden furniture. You can do this by using ultra soft cleansing agent specifically made for wooden furniture. But if you really want your furniture to be perfectly clean and you have a budget for it, there are professionals that provide such service. You may do this twice a year.

Those are just some simple ways to clean and maintain your wooden furniture. These are steps that can be easily done to prevent damage to your furniture. After all, wooden furniture are said to be a best choice rather than iron and steel and preserving them is a good investment.

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