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Professional and Affordable Home Extension Builders

There are many reasons why extensions are added to both residential and commercial spaces. The reasons for the need of extensions are varied and depend on individual needs. It’s important to choose a builder that is reputable, is affordable, and produces quality work.

Reasons for Extensions

The best home extensions company in Frome offers services to clients who need extensions for several different reasons. Reasons include:

  • Adding Office Space: This is ideal for clients whose businesses are expanding and are needing more office space, meeting rooms, storage space, etc.
  • Growing Family: This can be a solution if you are expecting a child and need an additional room or maybe you are inviting elderly parents to move in.
  • Additional Living Space: Whether you are wanting a sunroom or a larger living area, an extension is the perfect solution.

There are many reasons for commercial and residential extensions that can add needed space and instant value to your home.

Why Choose the Professionals?

The professionals will help you through the extension process from start to finish. If you need help with the design, the experts will help you hammer out the details. A free estimate includes an expert coming to the site and discussing your needs and wants. Professional advice is given to clients and an estimate given.

Once a design is settled upon, the experienced crew will begin work and will handle everything from grading to the electrical and plumbing. The project manager will stay in contact with you through the entire project. Trust the building professionals with your extension needs.



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