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Maintenance of a ventless fireplace

A ventless fireplace need to be placed properly, depending on the model used, in a corner next to the wall or stand without support, depending on where you want to see the fire (i.e. from the sofa or dining room) and course, depending on the possibilities of connection of the flue.

Tips and recommendations

An innovative gel fireplace can also turn to the desired orientation. How is the ground on which you need to place this device? Depending on whether you have a wooden floor or carpet, you can choose the glass plates or steel models, which are more suitable. The floor plates are patented and top manufacturers offer adequate protection to the lining of your soil.


Quality models meet the legal requirements in its entirety. The best manufacturers have been working intensively to optimize combustion technology, in order to drastically reduce emissions of fine dust and CO. At the same time, they have increased the yield up to 90%.

Trends and safety matters

Modern ventless fireplace models are remarkably safe for the environment and can be used in the future in a friendly environment, without requiring retrofitting dust filters that need much maintenance. The perfect heat stored is another important factor to decide. A stone cladding stored for longer than a ceramic or steel. If you care to follow the stove emitting heat long after the last flame off, then choose a stove with heat or prolonged storage of the largest storage capacity possible.

Trends come and go. You do not want to depend on fashion, but developers are interested in fulfilling your wishes and to meet your needs. For this reason, during the design phase of ventless fireplace styles, they pay special attention to the timeless beauty for the future. Our stoves are integrated harmoniously into any style of home and life. You can find models ranging from classical to extravagant, all for the warm loft apartment. And each piece is unique, because you are the one who determines the model, color and material.

These systems thus allow an optimum heating power and the maximum heat storage with the size of the stove. This is pocket care and environment friendly at once!

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