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Lop Your Trees In Spring

As spring comes around for another year it is time to consider landscaping your front and back gardens. Indeed, one of the most important tasks that should be carried out when you want to landscape your garden is pruning or lopping the trees in your garden. However, if you find yourself asking the question why you need to prune or lop your trees, then you should consider these benefits which will help you to plan and implement the pruning or lopping of your trees during the start of spring.

Remove damage

One of the main benefits from lopping your trees during spring is that you are able to remove all the damage which has been done to a particular tree throughout the winter period. Indeed, if you live in a particularly cold or exposed area, then strong winds may have weakened some of the branches or main limbs of the tree while you should consult with a professional company of tree loppers in Perth who can help you plan which trees may need working on to potentially stop damage or injury to people who may be walking underneath if the limb breaks and falls off down. In addition, breaking limbs can also be damaging for the tree while people or property underneath could also be damaged if you do not have these dangerous limbs removed professionally during spring.

Growing during spring

During the winter period, all trees enter a period where they grow very slowly as they are hibernating. However, once the weather gets warmer, trees rapidly change their growing method and spring quickly back to life. Indeed, during spring most trees are able to heal much faster than during their hibernation period during the winter. However, when you want to carry out lopping or pruning you may incur some damage to the trees. This is not a problem, especially because trees can heal much faster during spring than they do in autumn or winter, making spring time the best period of the year to carry out tree lopping or pruning.

Remove dead wood

Furthermore, another significant benefit of lopping your trees during spring is that you can clear out the dead wood and make room for the tree to grow new branches or limbs. Removing dead growth or old limbs from your tree is important because a large canopy can prevent new branches or limbs from growing. In addition, as the growing phase begins in the middle of spring, you should attempt to prune or trim your trees before this period begins meaning that you should plan this process during winter.

Healthy landscaping

Finally, the most important reason for lopping the tops of the trees in your garden during spring is that this process can create a healthy landscape which can provide you with an environment where you can relax without having to worry about damaged or dangerous trees. If you are looking for advice on how to landscape your garden, you can search online for your local company of tree lopping experts for advice and assistance.

Make sure you think about lopping your trees during spring to give your garden the best possible landscaping design for you to look at.

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