Lime Plastering
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Lime Plastering Benefits

Having a wall plastered can make a big change in the look of a home. You will find that lime plastering offers a number of benefits. However, the name can be misleading, as traditional plaster also contains calcium hydroxide, or lime, in its mix. The difference between lime plaster and traditional plaster is the addition of cement. Whilst lime plaster is made with lime and sand, traditional plaster includes cement.

An Exterior or Interior Application

Lime plaster is applied by companies that offer affordable building services in Epping and can be applied in various textures on either interior or exterior walls. The plaster may also be applied to create frescoes or other architectural details and styles.

The Benefits of Using Lime Plaster

Reasons for using the plaster application include the following:

  • The plaster is eco-friendly. Lime plaster does not have to be replaced often, thereby making it the ideal sustainable wall covering. The plaster can be removed from masonry after its application, permitting the bricks to be repurposed and the plaster to be recycled. Traditional plaster is less sustainable, as the brick cannot be reused after an application.
  • Lime plaster is notably durable. The plaster is resistant to weather extremes and fire and proves to be exceptionally strong. Whilst cement can develop cracks in certain weather conditions, lime plaster can absorb moisture without sustaining structural damage.

When applying lime plaster, the surface must be clean and smooth. Therefore, applying lime plaster can be difficult if you try to do it yourself. To successfully apply this covering, you should retain the services of a professional plasterer.

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