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Is it Possible to Replace a Staircase

For some people, the living room is perfect, except for that ugly staircase, which hinders any attempts at improving the interior design, and if you wanted to renovate (or replace) your staircase, this is a job for a specialist joiner. The best way to do this is to ask a joiner to pay you a home visit, then he can see what you have and also discuss with you the possible changes that can be made.

Specialist Joiners

There are master joiners who can design and create bespoke staircases in Plymouth according to your preferences, and he would be able to quote you for the project while he is with you. There are several timber species that are suitable for a stair case, which include:

  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Pine

Design Limitations

As every staircase is unique, only the joiner can tell you what is and what is not possible, and with his expertise, you can select a suitable design and he can get to work. Once an agreement has been reached, the joiner would take very precise measurements and would begin to construct the staircase in sections at his workshop, and when ready, he would make an appointment to remove the existing staircase and fit the new one.

Transform your Living Room

A bespoke staircase will transform the living room, and it will become a feature that you want to highlight, rather than something to hide. The finer details like balustrade is something you would decide on, and once the job is finished, the joiner would give you a warranty on the work.

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