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How to Spring Clean your Home in a Day

To clean your house thoroughly from top to bottom might sound like a tall order in a single day, but that’s what a professional house cleaner would take to finish the job. With a little planning and some extra pairs of hands, you can prepare your home for the coming summer with these tips.

  • The Right Equipment – You will need adequate supplies of brooms, brushes, dustpans, bin liners, cleaning solutions, mops and buckets, and some old blankets to cover furniture and flooring.
  • Work One Room at a Time – Start by removing/covering furniture and the floor, then dust the ceiling with a long duster or soft broom, making sure to remove cobwebs from the corners and around light fittings. Once a room is finished, call your local carpet cleaning services in North Devon, who can deep clean the carpets, leaving them fresh for the coming summer.
  • Teamwork – If the family are helping out, a little delegation would not go amiss, and with everyone knowing their tasks, it won’t be long before you’re done. Once you have dusted one room, close the door and dust another room, which gives the first room chance for the dust to settle.

If your home is large, you might want to extend the project to the entire weekend, and hiring a small skip is always a wise move, as there will be waste. Carpets cleaned and windows open and your living space has shaken off the stuffiness of winter and is ready for the nice weather.

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