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Extend your Living Space with a Cost-Effective Loft Conversion

Sooner or later, we all require extra living space, what with a growing family to consider, and rather than going to the considerable expense of building an extension, why not convert the loft into another room? You already have the space, which is currently unoccupied, and with a few simple modifications, your attic can be transformed into an office or study, or anything else you might need.

Professional Loft Conversions Services

There are roofing services in Wakefield who specialise in loft conversions, and they are only a Google search away. Once you have made contact with a loft conversion specialist, he would arrange to pay you a visit, and together, you can discuss the many options. A loft conversion usually involves the following:

  • Building a timber floor
  • Cladding the walls
  • Creating an insulated ceiling
  • Boxing in water tanks and piping.

The loft insulation will have to removed, which will allow heat into the loft, and with different insulation behind the ceiling, your new living space will always be warm and cosy. Natural lighting is provided by two skylights fitted into the roof, one at each end of the loft, and with a few LED strip lights fitted, you have both general and task lighting.

Drop Down Ladder

This will provide easy access, and with a larger hatchway created, items can be brought into the loft, and with a folding stair solution, you will always have convenient access.

Bespoke Cupboards and Shelving

Once the conversion is completed, you can design and build cupboards and shelving, which are both essential for keeping things out of sight. Then, it is a choice of wallpaper or paint for the finishing touches, and your loft is now converted into whatever you want it to be.

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