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Do You Need New Locks

If you are running a home or a business, you need to make sure that you are keeping it as secure as possible. There are several different security services that you need to consider. Those range from alarms to shatterproof glass and cameras. However, the best security system begins with good locks. You need locks on your windows and doors as a first line of defence against intruders. Most criminals are opportunists; therefore, a good set of locks can keep most criminals out of your building simply by existing. There are several different kinds of locks, though. How do you choose which ones are right for you?

Lock Snapping

One of the simplest and most effective ways for criminals to break into your building is simply by snapping the deadbolt. They will use a tool to get a good grip on your lock and snap it in half. The snapping of the lock will break the locking mechanism and grant them access to your house.

  • A lock designed to prevent this doesn’t actually prevent them from snapping it. Instead, it breaks off at a point in front of the locking mechanism.
  • So, when they snap the lock, it does not expose the locking elements. Professional locksmith services in Lewisham can provide you with these locks.

Other Locks

There are several other kinds of locks that can keep your home secure. Locks that are made of materials that resist being picked are available as well. These pick-resistant locks can stop many of the most talented criminals.


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