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Common Causes Of Broken Windows

Your windows got broken and now you have to call for a broken window replacement. If you are wondering how it happened, then you need to get down to the bottom of the problem and find out why. In fact, some of the most common causes of broken windows might surpsise you. Some people think that it would take a baseball or a golf ball to for their windows to break, but that’s very rare.

It is easy to blame someone, maybe a kid or a faceless neighbor, but what you really don’t know is that  it might be caused by something else. So if you have broken windows and you are wondering how it happend, then you have to take a look at the list below. Let this be your guide to help determine what caused the problem that you now have to get fixed.

Humans And Animals

These are easy to identify because of its star burst pattern that would radiate outward from the point of impact. It is not a far-fetched idea that animals could be the possible cause of windows breaking. However, your friendly neighborhood should also be part of the blame. There might be kids running around and throwing some ball and it accidentally hit your window.

Animals can also be the cause of this problem. Many repair experts have experienced fixing broken glass windows caused by crashing birds. Whatever the reason is, be honest with your repairman so that a solution can be done to avoid this from happening in the future.

Fluctuating Temperature

Stress cracks are insulated glass windows cracks that starts small. Usually they begin at the edge of your window and would continue to spread and grow across the glass. This can be caused by extreme fluctuations in temperature. Extreme weather can cause small thermal stress cracks. One of the best example is that when the weather is too cold outside and you immediately crank up your heat indoors, this can affect your windows too.

Extreme Pressure Changes

This is not a common cause for broken windows but is a possibility. They are cracks that usually come from out of nowhere. They usually happen in insulated glass or double-paned windows. Pressure cracks can be caused by the drastic pressure system change. It can be due to the weather or if the windoes are installed too high or too low to the ground. These cracks are characterized by a curve shape of an hourglass. If you have this, you would need a window replacement.

Professional Window Contractor, Why Hire One?

Replacing the glass will work for some of these situations but remember that this is only a temporary fix. To make sure that these problems will not happen again, you need to hire a certified professional to replace the window. This might be a pricier solution, but this is what you need to ensure that this is not going to be a recurring problem. Remember that if you leave this problem unresolved, it can leave you spending more money not only on constant glass changes, but also on your energy bills.

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