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Common Boiler Issues That You Should Know About

The boiler is one of the most common heating appliances used in houses, both big and small. Boilers are available in many different sizes, and are usually powered by electricity or gas. If you have a boiler in the house, you will need to learn how to maintain it properly. Failure to maintain the boiler regularly could lead to a bunch of issues. Some common components within the boiler that require maintenance work include the following:

  • The thermostat
  • The pilot
  • The heat controller

If your boiler is not working as you would expect it to, you should call an affordable boiler repair company in Plymouth. Tinkering with the boiler on your own is not a recommended move, and there’s always a risk that you will end up causing more damage along the way. Here are some common boiler issues you should definitely know about.

Pilot Light Goes Off

If the pilot begins to malfunction, the boiler will obviously stop working. You will need to call a boiler repair company and get the issue fixed. In many cases, it’s probably because a particular component within the boiler is not working as it should. You should shut off the boiler and then call a boiler repair company for such work.

Electrical Malfunction

If you have an electrical boiler, there is a risk of an electrical malfunction as well. If the boiler is not receiving power, you should not tamper with it yourself. Instead, call a boiler repair company and ask them to fix the issue for you.


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