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Bringing Harmony to Your Kitchen or Bath Renovation with the Perfect Color Scheme

The color of your walls, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and furniture has more of an influence on your mood than you might realize. If you are remodeling and would like to promote a sense of peace and harmony in your home’s most important rooms, consider the following color schemes for your kitchen and bathrooms.


Sea Blue and Earth Tones: Create a tropical island paradise in your home with a fine shade of sea blue on your walls. Add life to the room’s design by strategically arranging plants around the space. Fine bundles of coral and bamboo-woven baskets and bins can add to the calming feel of your bathroom’s design. Tiki torch lighting can add to the tropical feel, and the incorporation of a small fish tank can provide you with the perfect finishing touch.


Terra-Cotta Orange and Brown: The bathroom is a place for rejuvenation in the morning and after work, and a place to relax and wind down before bed in the evening. Simultaneously energizing and calming, an orange and brown color scheme can provide you with whichever of those two atmospheres you are looking for no matter the time of day.


Yellow, White, and Grey: It has long been known that yellow is an energizing, uplifting color. Only recently, however, have homeowners and interior decorators introduced bright hues of this primary color as a prevailing component of a kitchen color scheme. Since bright yellow will make a statement on its own, there is no need to blend it with anything more eye-catching than white and soft grey cabinetry and backsplashes.  Incorporate bright yellow into your kitchen color scheme, and you may not even need your morning coffee to wake you up anymore.

Green and Steel: If you want home food preparation to be a therapeutic activity, there is no better environment for cooling down than a sea of earthy green walls and décor elements that have been infused with the finest stainless steel appliances.

Wood and White: Earth tones are great for bringing an element of nature into the kitchen, but so are natural wood materials. Incorporate wood into your kitchen remodel at every opportunity, and you will find that white is the perfect complementary color.

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