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Benefits of Installing a Glass Balustrade Around Your Pool in WA

A swimming pool makes a fantastic addition to any home, but while it brings great enjoyment and fun, it also must be adequately protected to ensure young kids don’t have access when there is no one around to supervise them. One way of securing your pool is to install a glass balustrade as protection, here are some of the many advantages of fitting this item in your home.

Visual Appeal

One of the best things about installing a glass balustrade around your pool is its aesthetic appeal, it looks stylish as a border feature and makes your home more exclusive. If you’d like a professional company to do some balustrading in WA, you should contact a business who specialise in installing glass balustrades around pools and other outdoor features. Glass pool fencing looks much classier then wooden panelling or traditional brick walls, because the border is almost 100% glass it allows your pool and garden to merge almost effortlessly. Before you make any decisions, you should be happy with the type of fencing you choose, this will be a permanent structure around your pool and it will be there for many years if properly maintained.


Safety should be your main priority when installing a new pool in your yard or home, and choosing a glass balustrade is safer than other products on the market. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider glass fencing rather other materials.

  • Glass is easy to maintain, especially when water gets on the panels. Unlike brick walls or wooden panelling, glass is just simply wiped down with a cloth when water is sprayed onto it. If you choose to surround your pool with wooden panels, water will easily penetrate this material and damage the structure. If water gets inside your wooden panels, it can compromise the structure, making it weak and dangerous. If your panels become weak, they’ll easily fall down, providing inadequate protection for your pool.
  • Another reason to select a glass balustrade is visibility, you can easily see through the glass and monitor the pool from indoors. Other structures provide protection, but none provide as much visibility as glass panels, making them a great choice over any other material.

Easy to Maintain

Glass fencing is simple to maintain, all you need is a glass cleaning solution and a sponge to wipe away excess dirt on the panels. In comparison to wood or brick panels, glass works out a lot cheaper to install and requires very little maintenance. Glass balustrades don’t need to be painted with weatherproof sealants or varnishing, they stand up well to external elements and they act as the perfect barrier for protecting your pool.

There are many other associated benefits with installing a glass fence around your pool, they act as a focal point and create an air of exclusivity in your home. Apart from being visually appealing, they also make your property safer, especially if you have young kids around. When it comes to maintenance, they are by far the best choice.

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