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Advice for Tradespeople, Builders, and Roofers: Let’s Evaluate the Best-Rated Roofing Materials

The roofing market in the UK has grown by roughly 11% over the last three years but it’s important to understand exactly why this surge has taken place.

With newfound manufacturing technology, readily available fabrication provisions, and a streamlined supply matrix, homeowners can now upgrade and renew their roofing solutions with unprecedented ease and affordability, which is why we’re going to delineate the most prominent roofing options in today’s landscape.

Understanding Your Options

If you’re seeking out cost-effective roofing materials in Torquay that can provide a valuable ROI, be sure to focus on the following options:

  • Clay or Concrete Tiles: As the top-rated choice across the UK, these tiles can last up to five decades and they are completely fireproof. When purchased from the right supplier, they can also be very energy efficient.
  • Asphalt Shingles: This is arguably the most economical variant with regard to the initial purchase price and asphalt comes in a myriad of colours and hues. However, its lifespan is less than half of clay or concrete tiles and it doesn’t provide the same level of insulation.
  • Metal Roofing: Due to its customisability, lightweight construct, and unsurpassed durability, metal roofing has become increasingly common over the past 12 years. It can last for many decades without sustaining any visible damage, which makes the up-front investment very worthwhile and practical.

To learn more about these materials and to place an order, you should reach out to a reputable supplier.

Your One-Stop Shop

Your local supplier will be able to source not only a wide range of distinctive roofing provisions but also an extensive array of modernised power tools, liquid coatings, fibreglass components, glass panes, loft ladders, insulation necessities, and a seemingly infinite number of alternative items.

So be sure to visit their webpage or physical store to evaluate the full range of products.


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