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3 Types Of Skips Available To Builders And Contractors In The UK

If you are a builder or a contractor then you will be doing work on buildings like extensions or conversions. You will also be replacing things like windows and doors and other building material. If you leave the discarded stuff lying around the building site, then you are putting your workers in danger and are probably contravening health and safety law.

A great solution to all of this is to look into skip hire services in Sutton who will deliver the skip of your choice to the work site and then take it away when it is full. They will discard of the items inside with the environment in mind and return the skip, so you can fill it up again. There are a number of skips to choose from and we will look at just some of them here today.

  1. Walk-in skips are perfect when your workers want to load up the wheelbarrow and then be able to discard the building materials with ease. Otherwise, they would have to unload the wheelbarrow by hand or push it up a ramp that is difficult to do and is time consuming.
  2. You may be dumping old windows and doors into the skip and these will contain glass. This is dangerous to people and animals and so you can order a skip that has a lockable lid. This keeps unauthorized people out of the skip and ensures their safety.
  3. Depending on the job, there are small skips and industrial sized skips available to you.

Give your local skip supplier a call today and let them take care of your rubbish needs.







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